Samsung prefer to sell foldable phones over the Galaxy Notes

Samsung booting up its much-anticipated Galaxy Unpacked event on August 10, where it will unveil its manifold new products. And the key highlight of this event is the Galaxy Foldable series including Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 along with the Galaxy Watch 5 series and the Buds Pro 2. But reportedly the news comes where it is been said the company prepping up its foldable phones to outsell while cancelling the Galaxy Note series.

Now, Samsung is aiming to take its foldable phones mainstream exceeding its Note series range throughout the second half of 2022. The Vice President of Samsung’s mobile experience division said on a conference call on Thursday that-

“In the second half, we will continue to maintain the sales momentum of our S series and also use the new foldable series that will be launched in order to deliver sales volumes that are above the sales volumes we used to report using the Note series,”.

More so, Samsung aims for its foldable phones to “deliver sales volumes that are above the sales volumes we used to report using the Note series.” (via CNBC)

Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4

The company is all set to release new foldable devices next month

Now the Korean tech giant wants its foldable devices to be a mainstream product while surpassing its popular Galaxy Note series phones. As they want to boost its foldable handsets sales and through they want to achieve an increase in profitability of its mobile division.

To recap, Samsung launched its first Note smartphone model in the year 2011. It achieve tremendous success over the years because of its larger screen size in an era where its rivals had smaller displays.

Also, Samsung foldable phones are still a niche product considering the overall smartphone market. Now it is predicted that Samsung wants to make and present it as a mainstream product which reflects in a statement released recently with the view of boosting profitability for its smartphone division.

S22 FE puts on hold to increase the sales of S22 ultra

Reportedly, in our recent article, where the news coming which indicates that the company has decided to hold the launch S22 FE to push the sales of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It has found that the reason that Samsung Electronics is stopped producing the entry-level model of Galaxy S22 FE was due to the expansion of sales of the top-tier model of the series, which is the S22 Ultra.

For the complete article refer: Samsung Electronics: S22 FE puts on hold to increase the sales of S22 ultra – SamNews 24

Sales Analysis

Last year Samsung claims, to sold 10 million foldable devices out of which 8 million sales were covered by the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 respectively. For reference, Samsung reportedly shipped roughly around 20 million Galaxy Note 20 devices and about 14 million Galaxy Note 10 series devices. But throughout the Note series, Samsung shipped 190 million Note devices over the phone’s lifetime.

And keeping the same thought in mind Samsung focuses to enhance sales and selling around 14 million of its foldable Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 combinely with respect to Galaxy Note 10.

The company said it will “secure solid profitability by targeting sales of foldable that surpass those of the Galaxy Note-series and fully mainstream foldable via delivering a differentiated consumer experience enabled with global partnerships.”

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