Samsung Patent: A Method Of Driving Display With Multiple Refresh Rate

The South Korean tech giant Samsung published a new patent with the title “A Method Of Driving Display With Multiple Refresh Rate And An Electronic Device Performing the Same” and “Electronic Device That Drives A Plurality Of Display Areas Of A Display With Different Driving Frequencies”.

Recently we reported that Samsung shipped nearly 10 million units of its best foldable phones in 2021, marking a 300% increase from the year prior. One of the keynotes is the higher referesh rate. The company wants its device to get different refresh rates for different parts of a phone screen in the future.

For example, a phone can display some content at 120Hz, while other information is refreshed at the same time as – for example – 30Hz. The big advantage: you last longer with a battery charge.

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To recall, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series launched with a 120Hz refresh rate, and that actually attracted a number of users while experiencing the operation of the phone also it was the first device to have an AMOLED screen. After that Phones like the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 (Ultra) then got a display with a variable frequency.

The patents describe a method to simultaneously refresh different parts of a single screen at different frequencies. A phone with such a screen can – for example – show a notification bar that is refreshed 30x per second, while below that is a video that shows 60x frames per second.

Which phones will get a new difference?

Our current rumored topic is Galaxy S23 series and the details of the lineup are already up. For now, we cannot come to a conclusion on this topic but yes we will wait to see these types of screens in Samsung telephones.

Samsung patent- refresh rate
Samsung patent- refresh rate

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