Samsung Hexa2pixel 450MP: Beyond Pro

Samsung is the world’s leader in creating masters piece which always surprises its users with something unimagined innovations.

Recently mountain view tech giant has unveiled its 200MP ISOCELL HP3 sensors, though it’s not equipped yet in any of the Galaxy series. Since it has been rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to feature with ISOCELL HP3 sensor in 2023.

And nevertheless, we are not very far from its 200MP discussion, while apparently, the company is considering envision to develop an even monstrous “Hexa2pixel” 450MP image sensor. Recently, it has been reported that the company has filed a new trademark for Hexa2pixel and was spotted on KIPRIS in South Korea. Now, speculations are now been popping up regarding the same.

And since there is no official statement from Samsung, so it is better to acquire this report with a pinch of salt and wait until it going to reveal officially.

Little that we know so far

The Samsung ISOCELL HP3 camera has a 200MP resolution, while it can switch to a 50MP mode with 2×2 pixel binning or 4×4 pixel binning ‘Tetra2pixel’ as well. Similarly, the rumoured Hexa2pixel seems to be a new pixel binding technology that could be similar and very likely to Tetra2pixel which could combine 32 pixels (6×6 pixels) into one.


Samsung wishes to surpass the human eye with a 576MP camera

Way back in April 2020, Samsung revealed that it wishes to surpass the capabilities of human eyes with a massive 576MP camera sensor. Usually, DSLR cameras offer 40MP resolution, while flagship smartphones with 12MP, however, the company wishes to make a 576MP smartphone camera reality.

To be noted, the Samsung has its event scheduled on August 10, where they going to launch its Galaxy Z fold 4 and Flip 4 foldable smartphones along with Galaxy Watch 5. To watch the same then kindly check the link.

However, it is expected that the Korean tech giant might introduce its Hexa2pixel 450MP image sensor next year as a major addition to its current 200MP lenses.

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