Samsung SDI: Proceeds with 3 Tesla Ticket Batteries

Tesla introduced the world to the 4680 battery cell, and hence the 4680-compliant cylindrical battery is commonly referred to as the Tesla Mark battery, It was first unveiled at the Tesla “Battery Day” event in September 2020.

Now Samsung SDI has confirmed the specifications of next-generation cylindrical batteries, which are based on a diameter of 46 mm and a height of 80 mm (4680) respectively, the company is now focusing on developing a product of 95 mm and 120 mm height while retaining the same diameter i.e. 46mm.

Panasonic and LG are also in the queue

As Samsung SDI, working on 4680 battery cells for Tesla, which is said to be the biggest game in the industry, but it is also trialling shorter versions of the “fat cells” and it has been hoping to provide these cells to other manufacturers and the list includes the giant like Volvo, BMW, and Stellantis.

By the time of its launch, it has been gathering much attention from other players as well and many manufacturers including Panasonic and LG New Energy have been starting research and development and they align the production for the same.

According to Korean news source The Elec, it has been revealed that manufacturers probably layered two levels of 4640 battery cells one on top of the other to create a dual-level battery pack. While that arrangement will going to tend somewhat heavier and will cost more compared to the single layer of 4680 cells, noticeably it could offer more benefits such as better control of battery cell temperatures within the battery pack. The 4660 cells would allow a manufacturer to have a somewhat lower floor height in a finished car.

Samsung SDI: When will it going to take a shape

As per the report, the development of Samsung SDI’s next-generation cylindrical battery is expected to take place sequentially. An industry official said, “The 4680 batteries will be developed and mass-produced first, and then the other two variants i.e. the 4695 and 46120 batteries will be added” further in the production line.

Meanwhile, the Samsung SDI 4680 battery pilot line will begin set up as early as next month. Equipment orders have been placed on major associated partners. It has been noticed that the cost of the electric theater for the manufacture of anode and cathode was undertaken by Hanwha Machinery Division Co., Ltd. Hanwha has been making a name for itself in almost every major battery investment by Samsung SDI since 2021.

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