Android 13: 4th and last beta is now out

Google has officially released the fourth and last beta update of Android 13. We are now at the corner of the stable Android 13 version.

Google after releasing the fourth beta of Android 13, stated that the official release of the stable version is “only a few weeks away”. Android 13 Beta 4 dint show many changes. If you are looking to experience it then it is primarily released to developers.

What’s the changes in Android 13 Beta 4?

  • The latest version of Android introduces new runtime permission for sending notifications.
  • Your application hides sensitive data in Android 13’s new clipboard preview, e.g. B. passwords or credit card information.
  • The JobScheduler will now try to anticipate the next launch of your app and will run any associated prefetch jobs before that time. If you use prefetch jobs, test that they work as expected.

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Android 13 Beta 4 system images are available for,

  1. Pixel 4 (XL)
  2. Pixel 4a
  3. Pixel 4a 5G
  4. Pixel 5
  5. Pixel 5a
  6. Pixel 6
  7. Pixel 6 Pro

A huge thank you to our developer community for helping shape the Android 13 release! You’ve given us thousands of bug reports and shared insights that have helped us optimize APIs, improve features, fix significant bugs, and in general make the platform better for users and developers – Google.

Android 13 Beta Fourth

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