Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag July 2022 software update

Back in 2021, Samsung brought its first-gen Bluetooth-powered location tracker device Galaxy SmartTag. It’s basically made to make a difference between the tags available in the market from several companies. Now, according to the information, Samsung has announced a new software update that will make its offering even better than before.

The Tags have two factors first, their use for tracking purposes secondly it also harmful with a very crucial privacy concern. There is always a possibility that someone might sneak one of these devices into your bag or something and start stalking your whereabouts in real-time.

To make it secure, the company always tries to put a number of features. This is where the new SmartThings app update comes into the picture as it will now alert you about unknown Galaxy SmartTags (if any) around you. This new feature is called Great goddess and works exactly the way the name suggests.

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