Samsung announces global launch of First Glare Free ViewFinity S8 monitor

Samsung Electronics announced the global launch of ViewFinity S8 (Model Name: S80PB), which is the World’s first Glare-Free high-resolution monitor” specialized for creative professionals including content creators, graphic designers, and more

Samsung ViewFinity S8

The term ViewFinity is a combination of two distinct words i.e. “View” and “Infinity” which is the new name for Samsung’s high-resolution monitor lineup, meaning ‘The Value of Infinite Viewing Experience’, and showcases Samsung’s ambition to establish a new benchmark for high-resolution monitors.

ViewFinity S8 offers a Matte Display for a comfortable viewing experience, S8 has an ergonomic design for a customized work environment and is embedded with features essential for eye protection especially. As a result of which, ViewFinity S8 is the best choice for creators who want to showcase their creativity without distraction.

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Know the different types of Glares

Glare and its impact are categorized on the basis of the source from which the light emits, for more understanding refer to the below example:
‘Temporary Blindness caused by Bright light’, ‘Blurry vision’, ‘The view was obscured by lights’ — Though all three scenarios could be caused by glare. But not all glares are the same.

Glare is categorized into three types:

  • Disability Glare,
  • Discomfort Glare, and
  • Reflection Glare.

Disability glare is the loss of retinal image contrast as a result of intraocular light scatter or stray light. A classic example is a sudden blindness due to oncoming headlights when driving at night.

Discomfort Glare basically refers to the glare which causes sudden eye fatigue and discomfort but not temporary vision loss. For instance, you might suffer discomfort glare when a soccer or baseball stadium suddenly turns on a strong light.

Reflection Glare obscures a monitor or a certain object by reflecting light from the ceiling.
This includes the reflection of fluorescent light on an office monitor or a situation where you can barely see your screen in sunlight.

Samsung’s Matte Display

ViewFinity S8 (Model name: S80PB) helps users to view accurate colors even in bright daylight. This is possible thanks to the Matte Display applied on ViewFinity S8 which reduces distraction caused by glare. Users now can edit and review content clearly with consistent levels of brightness and colors even without a monitor hood.

Expected launch

Samsung’s new high-resolution monitor, ViewFinity S8, will be available globally from the end of June, with launch schedules varying by region.

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