Samsung One UI 5 Features: These changes we required

Samsung worked really very hard to stand out from the crowd with its useful features on One UI versions. The upcoming is the Samsung’s One UI 5 which is expected to arrive with the Galaxy S23 series. Using a Samsung product makes our life easier which daily usable features and settings.

For now, the One UI 4.1 is rolling in several Galaxy devices and it includes most of the features Google introduced in Android 12. It includes a Material You color picker, introducing smart widgets that combine widgets, camera tweaks — including a magic eraser feature, and more. Now being a Samsung user we want some changes in One UI 5 i.e system-wide themed app, Better Material You color picker, Improved Dark Mode, New animations with smoother functionality, scrolling app drawer, and more.

One UI 5 Feature 1: Theme app icons (Expected)

During the rollout news of the Android 13, there is no such feature released, but we know that Google is introducing system-wide themed app icons. Basically, Google is asking devs to use monochromatic app icons when they submit app updates, and by doing so, third-party apps will be themed in the same Material You palette as the rest of the interface.

One UI 5 Feature 2: Better Material You color picker

The Material You wallpaper-based theming system was officially released in the Android 12 version. Now, in the upcoming One UI 5 version we are expecting to see our own customization in the Material You color palette.

One UI 4 lets you select between five different palettes, and for its part, Google’s color picker feature works in a similar fashion.

Apart from the One UI 5, if you are using the device running Android 12 then you can use a custom color for the Material You theme by following these steps.

  • Open the LWP+ app and enable the “Set as current live wallpaper” toggle.
  • You should now pick your preferred wallpaper image. To do that, tap “Wallpaper type” and choose “Cropped image” as the wallpaper type.
  • Once you have set a wallpaper of your choice, scroll down and enable the “Use custom colors” toggle under the “Custom colors” header.
  • Click on the “Primary color” and use the color picker to pick your preferred custom color or enter its HEX code for the Material You theme on your Android 12 device.
  • Once you have set the accent color, close the app and turn your screen on after turning it off.

One UI 5 Feature 3: Dark Mode With Three Toggles

Dark mode in every device is now a compulsory matter. If we check the different phone manufacturers like Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus they provide options to set the dark mode, with three settings: Enhanced, Medium, and Gentle.

  • Enhanced Dark Mode: Full Dark like black
  • Medium Dark Mode: It changes the device UI to dark grey
  • Gentle Dark Mode: It changes the UI to a lighter grey

We expect to see this feature in Samsung’s One UI 5.

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One UI 5 Feature 4: Smoother animations

Samsung One UI uses motion to emphasize the depth of screens and help users understand the relationship between UI elements. One UI motion uses sets of movements and consistent rules so that users can predict the results of any action and understand the path to complete a task.

One UI 4 improved a lot but we need to see more enhancement on the One UI 5 animations, especially in the camera department.

One UI 5 Feature 5: A vertically scrolling app drawer

We are living in 2022 and there are many Android smartphones that have received the vertically scrolling app drawer but Samsung devices won’t.

As such, One UI 4 still has a horizontal app drawer, and it isn’t anywhere as user-friendly to navigate as a vertically scrolling option. If you’ve got a lot of apps installed, you’re just better off searching for it than trying to find the page it is in and locate its position on that page. So we need to see lots of new improvements on Samsung’s upcoming One UI version.

Samsung One UI 5 Features

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