The live images and video of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 leaked

One of the most anticipated Samsung devices of the year has just emerged. These are the first live images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 that have now surfaced. There don’t seem to be any big changes though.

If you were expecting major design changes in the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, you may be disappointed. At first glance, it looks pretty similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 3. However, there are some minor changes that stand out.

TechTalkTV posted a gallery of images on Twitter showing the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in person, in the black variant. The device has a matte glass surface, with glossy glass over the display part. The display appears to be about the same size.

We can also take a look at the side-mounted fingerprint sensor and hinge. Samsung is rumored to be adjusting the hinge design, but looking at the side of the device there don’t appear to be any changes. When fully open, however, the two halves of the Flip 4 appear significantly closer together. The metal edge is also significantly thinner.

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