Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 4 Black Yak Edition

Samsung has unveiled the Black Yak Edition of the Galaxy Watch 4 in the South Korean market. This is the limited-edition smartwatch and will be available in South Korea starting June 15, 2022.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Black Yak package comes with the Galaxy Watch 4, a Black Yak exclusive strap, a Black Yak watch face, a Black Yak tumbler bag, and a 40% discount coupon on Black Yak products.

Regarding the pricing the company has decided to sell this watch in a 40mm variant and finalized it for KRW 279,000 while the 44mm variant is priced at KRW 309,000. It can be purchased through Samsung’s website in South Korea.

The smartwatch supports hiking and mountaineering fitness modes to track them as workouts. The custom watch face changes its hand color from red to green during lunchtime so that users are reminded to clean the disposable products they use while hiking.

Jinhae Kim, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Korea, said, “The Galaxy Watch 4 Black Yak Package is a product that pursues both smart outdoor activities and sustainable eco-friendly values. It will allow you to experience style.” The companies plan to collaborate further in the future by developing applications for various outdoor activities.

Galaxy Watch 4 Black Yak Edition
Galaxy Watch 4 Black Yak Edition

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