Samsung is gearing up for a new OneUI version

As we know that Samsung is one of the leading tech giants to introduce a variety of new software on an early basis. This time we are in the talk about the new One UI version which is expected to be called One UI 5 or One UI 4.1.1.

Samsung has decided to introduce the above version on the Galaxy S22 series and the firmware number also has been confirmed recently which you can check in our previous article here. If you look at the firmware of the Galaxy S22 series, you will quickly come across the build numbers S901BXXU2BVE7, S906BXXU2BVE7, and S908BXXU2BVE7, which indicate a new OneUI version.

Let’s explore deeply the new version:

The build number of the current update ends with AVEH and is the June security update, while the newly emerged build number ends with BVE7. The “B” stands for a version jump, either for the OneUI or the Android version.

However, it is not clear whether Samsung is currently working on an update to OneUI 4.1.1 or is already testing OneUI 5 and Android 13 internally.

We still dint know the exact release date of the upcoming One UI version but Samsung might release One UI 5 along with its new Fold 4 and Flip 4 devices, which we expect around August 2022.

What features will One UI 5 have?

Version 4.0 was more substantial, bringing Android 12 with color palette options depending on the wallpaper, Samsung icon theming, and granular privacy controls that all phones with Android 12 get.

One UI 5.0 will introduce Android 13 to Samsung phones with the rumored new features Google will bring to the latest version, and that Samsung can opt to include on its phone.

These include a universal photo picker UI for sharing photos to an app, the option to use customer tiles for Quick Settings, and new notification permissions for those who like to really control pings to a deep level.

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