Samsung ranks 1st in its highest global smartphone market share

Making history once again, Samsung did a great job and reached its highest global smartphone market share in five years. According to the latest research from the counterpoint, in the month back April 2022, Samsung was the best-selling smartphone brand with a market share of 24%.

This only happened with the credit of the Galaxy S22 series and lower-cost Galaxy A phones weres the source behind this newfound success. Since 2017, Samsung is eagerly waiting to grab this position and finally, it has done in a very dominant way.

On the list, Apple’s scored at 15%. Apple was followed by Xiaomi, the latter of which held 12% of global smartphone market sales in April.

Aside from the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy A smartphones being great products, Samsung’s positive outcome was driven by several other factors, such as robust supply chain management and a healthy supply-demand balance.

Samsung also made a huge impact in India, and attractive promotions in core markets, including Latin America, have also helped the company expand its presence.

Commenting on the global smartphone market, Senior Analyst Varun Mishra said, “The global smartphone market declined further in April 2022, reaching the lowest level since the pandemic in 2020. China declined the most, as consumer sentiment weakened due to lockdowns. Sales in Russia also declined in April as key OEMs exited the market and inventory depleted. These factors meant another setback for the market, which was still recovering from the component shortages. LATAM, US and India were the only markets to show growth, but that was not enough to offset the decline in other regions.”

Global Smartphone Sales (sell-through) Share of Top 3 Brands, April 2022

Global smartphone market share April 2022

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