Samsung S10 series getting One UI 4.1 in Chinese market

According to the latest information, the Samsung S10 Series Chinese version has started rolling out the One UI 4.1 update. Samsung Journal says One Ul 4.1 brings you the latest features for Galaxy devices.

Samsung S10 series One UI 4.1 update changelog:

  • Added portrait effect
  • Now you can add a blur adjustment to any photo with people
  • Convert unnecessary dynamic photos to still photos
  • Converting dynamic photos to still photos saves storage space. Albums will suggest some photos that don’t need to be kept dynamic, such as files
  • No need to individually invite others to a shared album. Just create a link you can share with anyone, even without a Samsung account or Galaxy device
  • Even if you miss a notification, you can easily accept shared album invitations. Invitations you haven’t responded to will appear at the top of the list of shared albums
  • Convert photos into vivid 24-hour time-lapse videos. A button will appear when taking pictures of landscapes, including the sky, water, mountains, or cities. The time-lapse video looks like it goes through the whole day
  • Express yourself in a whole new way in augmented reality. Create your own emoji, stickers, doodles and more
  • When using My Emoji as a mask, focus on it. Choose your background color from a variety of colors
  • Home screen widgets are smarter. You just choose the widgets you want and Galaxy does the rest
  • You can combine multiple widgets into one smart widget to save space on your home screen. Swipe left or right to scroll through the widgets, or you can set it to toggle automatically to show the most relevant information based on your activity
  • The latest version of Samsung Health offers deeper health analytics and enhanced workout tracking
  • Get a Health Analysis of Your Body Composition
  • Set goals for your weight, body fat percentage, and skeletal muscle mass. You’ll get tips to help you achieve your goals
  • Track your sleep and provide guidance based on your sleep patterns
  • You can set interval training goals on your Galaxy Watch4 before you start running or cycling. Once complete, you will receive a report on your phone. Your watch can also provide information about sweat loss during running and heart rate recovery during cardio
  • Transfer contacts, photos, messages and settings from your old phone or tablet to your new Galaxy device. One Ul 4.1 lets you stream more content than ever
  • When transferring content to the new Galaxy, you have 3 options. You can choose to transfer everything, or just your accounts, contacts, call logs, and information, or customize exactly what you want to transfer
  • One Ul 4.1 gives you more ways to share with others
  • You can share your current Wi-Fi network with others using the S-Share feature. People you share with can automatically connect to your network without entering a password
  • Found something useful in the Tips app? Tap the share icon to send it to a friend
  • Customize your phone with unique colors according to your wallpaper. Your custom color palettes are now available in more applications
  • In addition to stickers, you can now add emojis to dates in your calendar to express your feelings
  • In Accessibility settings, you can separately adjust the left/right sound balance of connected devices (such as speakers or headphones) and the sound balance of your phone’s speakers. This allows for the perfect balance of sound on your headphones without compromising ringtones and speakers
  • Take quick notes while browsing
  • You can use Samsung Notes’ new cut option to track content sources. When you create a note using the quick panel or the task side screen panel, you can add content from the Samsung browser or photo albums
  • New actions for Bixby daily routines
  • You can now create daily routines that change watch faces or open advanced settings like protecting the battery
  • You can choose the size of the phone’s virtual memory using RAM Plus in Device Maintenance. Choose more memory to increase performance, or choose less memory to save storage space
  • The game initially does not limit CPU/GPU performance. (Performance management features are maintained based on device temperature.) “Alternate Game Performance Management Mode” is available in Game Booster. Allows third-party applications to bypass game optimization services

Samsung S10 series One UI 4.1 update changelog

Some applications need to be updated separately after the One Ul 4.1 update.

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