Samsung Officially Enters DISH Satellite Communication Provider’s 5G O-RAN Supply Chain

The US satellite communication provider DISH Network officially announced that it will use Samsung’s 5G O-RAN virtualized radio access network (vRAN) and radio unit (RU) equipment.

It is reported that DISH Network will soon launch 5G network services based on O-RAN architecture. John Swieringa, COO of DISH Network, said that Samsung’s software and hardware solutions will provide multi-directional assistance for DISH Network’s expansion in the 5G network field.

Samsung will also provide 5G terminal equipment for DISH Network. Currently, DISH Network is using the Samsung Galaxy S22 to test 5G network services, and DISH Network plans to continue using Samsung mobile phones as a test platform throughout the network deployment process.

As per the report, O-RAN, or Open Radio Access Network, is a concept of interoperability and standardization based on RAN elements, including the unification of white-box hardware and open-source software elements for different vendors. interconnection standard. O-RAN underscores the streamlined 5G RAN performance goals through the common attributes of efficiency, intelligence and versatility.

Samsung Officially Enters DISH Satellite Communication

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