Samsung has released UFS 4.0 flash memory

On May 04, 2022, the Korean tech giant Samsung officially released the UFS (Universal Flash Memory) 4.0 storage solution. The company has moved forward to bring a new platform and this program has been approved by JEDEC (Solid State Technology Association).

Samsung said the solution is based on the latest JEDEC standard specification and enhances product diversification. Samsung UFS mobile storage solutions differentiate key technologies in controller design to improve performance and energy efficiency.

According to reports, UFS 4.0 provides speeds of up to 23.2Gbps per channel, twice that of Samsung’s predecessor UFS 3.1. As per the information, the UFS 4.0 will provide sequential read speeds of 4200MB/s and sequential write speeds of 2800MB/s with the help of Samsung’s 7th generation V-NAND technology and proprietary controller.

The energy efficiency of UFS 4.0 has also been improved. UFS 4.0 will provide a sequential read speed of 6.0MB/s per mA (milliampere), which is 46% higher than the previous generation. Therefore, with the same power consumption, users can transmit more data.

UFS 4.0 flash memory


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