Samsung 3nm factory is said to start soon

According to the latest information, the Korean tech giant Samsung is said to follow TSMC. Till now the company lags behind on the 7nm, 5nm and 4nm nodes, Samsung is more aggressive in the next 3nm node and wants to launch the world’s first GAA transistor.

According to Samsung, compared to the 7nm manufacturing process, the 3nm GAA technology has improved logic area efficiency by more than 45% , reduced power consumption by 50% , and improved performance by about 35% . On paper, it is better than TSMC 3nm FinFET process.

Samsung’s 3nm process faces many challenges, and mass production alone is a problem. Samsung previously announced that mass production will begin in 2021, but in fact, it does not. The fastest is this year, and the first release is 3GAE. Low-power process, high-performance 3GAP process will be at least 2023.

According to South Korean media reports, Samsung is already preparing to start construction of a 3nm wafer fab at its P3 factory in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. The construction will start in June and July, and the equipment will be imported in time.

According to this progress, this year’s 3GAE process should only be a small-scale trial production, and mass production will not be until next year, which is similar to TSMC ‘s 3nm process.

Samsung 3nm factory is said to start soon

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