Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series tablets are on sale

Samsung has released the Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8 +, and Tab S8 Ultra last month, priced from 4999-9999 yuan and now according to the new report, these products will be officially available for sale tonight.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip , standard 8GB + 128GB, up to 16GB + 512GB, running Android 12 -based operating system. In terms of batteries, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra are equipped with 8000mAh, 10900mAh and 11200mAh batteries respectively, all of which support 45W fast charging.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series has an optional 5G connection, supports adding a keyboard, and comes with an S Pen that can be charged by magnetic attraction.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series Price:

  • Galaxy Tab S8: From 4,999 yuan
  • Galaxy Tab S8 5G: From $5,999
  • Galaxy Tab S8+: From 6399 yuan
  • Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G: From $7,399
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: From 8999 yuan
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 5G: From 9999 yuan

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series Sale

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