Samsung loses patent lawsuit with Netlist

According to the information, Netlist, a California-based memory development company, declared a few days ago that the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California ruled in the company’s favor, finding that Samsung breached its obligations in joint development and licensing agreement.

As per the new report from THE ELEC, Netlist noted that the court stated in its judgment that Samsung violated its supply and payment obligations to Netlist, and Netlist duly terminated the agreement, thereby suspending Samsung’s patents and rights under the agreement .

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If we look back at the Netlist and Samsung signed a patent cross-licensing agreement in 2015, and Netlist received a total of $230 million in licensing fees from Samsung.

But the two sides began arguing over the agreement in mid-2020, with Netlist filing a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung’s storage customers in 2021. In response, Samsung filed a lawsuit against Netlist, asking the court to revoke the patents.

It is reported that Netlist has also had a patent licensing dispute with SK Hynix, another storage giant in South Korea. Under the agreement, it will pay about $40 million for the use of Netlist’s patents.


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