Samsung reply to Galaxy S22/S22+ screen refresh rate changes

Samsung has officially released the Galaxy S22 series on February 9. The S22 and S22+ are equipped with the second-generation dynamic AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 10~120Hz.

Some users said that the screen refresh rate parameters in Samsung’s official press release were quietly changed, and both the S22 and S22+ were changed to 48~120Hz refresh rate, which caused many doubts.

Today, Samsung officially released an announcement to respond to this. Samsung says the display components on both devices support a 48-120Hz variable refresh rate, but it uses a proprietary technology that reduces the AP-to-display data transfer rate down to 10Hz, reducing power consumption.

The 10-120Hz variable refresh rate support originally listed on the spec sheet refers to this proprietary technology. However, the display on the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ didn’t actually drop to 10Hz, and the specs were later officially updated to match the more widely recognized industry standard.

Samsung reply to Galaxy S22 and S22+ screen refresh rate changes Samsung reply to Galaxy S22 and S22+ screen refresh rate changes-

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