Samsung new foldable phone patent let you use device as a laptop

Samsung has released a bizarre “double-folding” folding screen mobile phone patent. Samsung is a well-known company to brings the interesting product to the smart gadget segment. Adding one more product, the company has one more patent in which the phone is folded horizontally with the screen facing out, users can get a phone with two front and rear screens. When folded vertically, the screen is inward, which can protect the screen inside well, avoiding the problem that the screen is easily scratched after folding.

This idea is quite bold, and it has also become another breakthrough folding screen mobile phone design.

It is worth mentioning that when the phone is folded vertically, the two parts of the screen can also be used as a “display” and a “keyboard” respectively, becoming a mini laptop.

The picture shows the Samsung Flex Note folding screen notebook concept machine. The vertical folding method in the patent mentioned in this article is similar and is for reference only, not the actual demonstration of the patent in this article

According to the patent information, Samsung submitted this patent to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in July last year , titled “Foldable Electronic Device”, the patent contains a total of 57 pages of documents, and its international publication date is 2022. February 10.

Horizontal and vertical, inside and outside willful folding, mobile phone, tablet, computer three-in-one
Looking at this patent specifically, this folding screen phone will have two sets of hinges , in the horizontal and vertical directions, the horizontal hinge is located at one-half of the screen, and the vertical hinge is located at the front of the screen. A little to the left of the center.

At present, whether it is folded horizontally or vertically, most of the folding screen mobile phones adopt the inward folding scheme, because this can better protect the fragile flexible AMOLED screen inside.

In order to solve this contradiction, Samsung has changed its way of thinking this time, not just choose one, it has to have both.

At this time, the hinge in the horizontal direction is in use at this time. When the mobile phone is folded vertically along the horizontal hinge, the screen is inward, and after folding, the screen is protected inside.

In addition, when folded vertically, the ratio of the upper and lower screens of the mobile phone is very close to 16:9, while the screen ratio of many notebooks is currently 16:9.

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