Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ specifications changed: Refresh rate updated from 10~120Hz to 48~120Hz

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy S22 series on February 9, 2022. The all-new Galaxy S22 and S22+ are powered with a second-generation dynamic AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 10~120Hz, which is clearly written in the official picture.

The screen refresh rate parameters in Samsung’s official press release have quietly changed, and both the S22 and S22+ have been changed to 48~120Hz refresh rates.

If we go back and check the Ross Young status, Samsung has shown frequencies below 48Hz as a demonstration, not a commercial product specification. Samsung has yet to explain the change.

If you are looking to purchase this newly launched device then the Galaxy S22 series will go on sale globally on February 25, and the National Bank Pioneer Program has been launched. The price for early adopters is:

Galaxy S22:
8GB+128GB: 5499 yuan

8GB+256GB: 6299 yuan

Galaxy S22+:
8GB+128GB: 7099 yuan

8GB+256GB: 7899 yuan

Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 plus specifications changed Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 plus specifications

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