Samsung Expert RAW will support more models

The most popular Samsung devices information website Sammobile, the Samsung Expert RAW app will be available for more Samsung devices from February 25th.

As we know that Samsung initially launched the Expert RAW app for the Galaxy S21 Ultra in November 2021. So far, this feature is only available on the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

According to a post on Samsung’s official forum in South Korea, the Expert RAW app will be available to more Galaxy devices starting February 25, and the app will also be upgraded from beta to stable. The post doesn’t specify which Samsung phones will get the Expert RAW app, but says only high-end flagship models will get the app.

This app allows users to use the Pro mode to take full advantage of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s main, ultra-wide, 3x telephoto and 10x telephoto cameras, allowing users to get exposure, focus, ISO, shutter speed and white balance controls, which also let you adjust highlights, shadows, saturation, and hue. Users can use histograms and save images in lossless JPG and 16-bit linear DNG RAW formats.

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