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Chrome 106 New Feature allow user to close new tab promotion ads

Chrome 106 feature

Now Google and Chrome make use of the homepage to display advertising messages and promotions below the Search box. While explorer arrives to Google can detect and may utilise it, but to be frank the promo message on the New Tab Page in Chrome where you open a new tab is quite provoking.

Google has begun working-

Google has begun working on permitting users to cut out promos on the Chrome New tab page in 2019. The feature is now empowered by default and you may shut down or close the advertising message via a click in Chrome 106 stable in 2022.

Although this experimental flag is still not online, it is enabled by default in all Chrome pre-release versions (including Beta). The Chrome 106 stable version is expected to be officially released on September 27.

Chrome web browser-

Except for exhibiting the most used websites on New Tab Page, the Chrome web browser make use of NTP to advertise its products and several times exhibit emergency and non-emergency messages. For example, you may have perceived NTP in Chrome display a promo about Wi-Fi Speaker in the previous through a message ” Meet Google Home Max. Now in Stock” (without any choice to shut down it).

Chrome did not give an “X” option-

Previously, Chrome did not give an “X” option to switch off these advertising ads, but users can now cut out these promotions by tapping on the option [X] with the mouse. As early as 2019, Chrome included the exploratory Flag “NTP cutout promos”, but detach this choice in the same year.

NTP Dismiss Promo Flag (2019):

Three years move back Chrome include a flag “NTP dismiss promos”, but later detach it in a similar year-

The flag is still not present recently, but it has been on by default in all previously-launched versions of Chrome adding the beta.

How to cut out or dismiss Promos on New Tab Page in Chrome (2022)-

In the end-

Advertisements are common and also be expected to segment when we utilise the internet. Even so, several websites keep the feature too far and drive interfering ads and other messages that disturb our workflow and make the reason for irritation. now you can dismiss ads.



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