Android may need a fingerprint to access the Chrome Incognito tab

Early in 2o2o, some Google apps on iOS added a “Privacy Screen”. Privacy Screen essentially locks your apps and requires you to unlock them with Face ID or Touch ID whenever you try to open them. This ensures that sensitive or personal documents are kept safe and secure from prying eyes.

And in the same context of privacy, Chrome for Android is now getting the ability to lock your Incognito tabs behind your fingerprint. When you have Incognito tabs open, exiting Chrome will instantly lock those pages behind fingerprint Certification.

A gray screen with the Incognito logo at the center appears while launching the browser to return to Incognito tabs. Tapping “Unlock Incognito” opens the system fingerprint sheet to “Verify it’s you.” The ability to “Use PIN” is also available in the corner, bottom-left.

Returning to regular tabs also have another option, while the overflow menu. It remains in its usual position to “Close Incognito tabs.” (maybe it is good for it to be placed behind the fingerprint lock). This will be the result you help while handing your precious phone to other people in the condition who don’t know your password.

It can be turned on/off from Settings > Privacy and security > Lock Incognito tabs when you leave Chrome (Use screen lock to see open Incognito tabs). When handing your phone to somebody that doesn’t know your passcode.

Chrome Incognito tab

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Branded as the “Privacy Screen,” Google Drive, Search, Fi, Chrome, and Authenticator (2FA codes) for iOS already have this capability. Google Authenticator for Android definitely needs it.

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Now in my concluding lines, I must let you know that in the recent versions of Android, you can enable it immediately with the Chrome flag that I provided above. Even though, Incognito’s fingerprint lock is not widely rolled out yet. A launch of a stable channel (Chrome 105) will soon arrive. Until then stay tuned with us and do dump your suggestion via @Samnews24…


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