Samsung Health Monitor September 2023 update rolling out []

Samsung has now started sending out a new update to its Health Monitor with the new September 2023 version. The all-new update for the company’s Health Monitor is rolling out with the app version This application from Samsung offers electrocardiograms at your fingertips.

Note that, the app will be only available with a compatible Galaxy smartphone with Android 7 or above. Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test that records the electrical activity of the heart. It helps physicians look for potential abnormalities in heart rhythm.

How to record an ECG with the Samsung Health Monitor App

1. Pair your Galaxy watch and compatible Galaxy phone
2. Install the Samsung Health Monitor App from the Galaxy Apps Store, then complete onboarding
3. Record ECG and review results
4. Review your stored ECG history and share your report from your compatible Galaxy phone

Before use

1) Review the warnings and precautions in the ECG App Instructions for Use.
2) Make sure that your wrist, especially the skin that comes in contact with the watch, is not too dry.
3) Avoid hard exercise for 5 minutes before the measurement.
4) Take measurements sitting in a chair with your back properly supported and with hands and arms resting comfortably on the table.
5) Do not move your arms and fingers or speak during the measurement.

Samsung Health Monitor Update

Download the latest Samsung Health Monitor App APK

Samsung Health Monitor update


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  1. Hi everyone , i living in iran and buy a galaxy watch 5 pro but couldnt dl samsung health monitor , please help me , how can i fix this , please please


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