Samsung NavStar version fixes bug [One UI 5.1.1]

Samsung NavStar lets you create your own navigation bar. Now, the company has started rolling out the new app update for the NavStar app and it brings One UI 5.1.1 support with the latest version. With the help of the app, you can show and hide the navigation bar. Check the changelog below.

Samsung NavStar Update Changelog

v5.2.04.50 (One UI 5.X)
– Fixed several bugs causing problems using the device
– Supports One UI 5.1.1

v5.2.04.48 (One UI 5.X)
– Supports One UI 5.1.1

v5.1.3.34 (One UI 5.X)
– Fixed a problem that the System UI could be forcefully terminated while using the Task Stack.

v5.1.03.32 (One UI 5.X)
– ‘Customize navigation bar height’ function has been added to the button settings.
Now adjust the height of the navigation bar to 3 levels to use a wider screen!

v5.1.3.26 (One UI 5.X)
– Fixed errors related to navigation bar sharing through “Galaxy To Share”
– Fixed an issue where the list of apps was sometimes not visible when applying the “Show task stack” option

v5.1.2.23 (One UI 5.X)

– Fixed a problem where the dark mode of the navigation bar was sometimes not turned off when the dark mode was set to ‘turn on as scheduled’
– (Fold, Tablet) Fixed an issue where some apps did not run and a toast message appeared in the “Show task stack” option
– (Flip) Fixed an issue where the navigation bar was abnormally large or the System UI stopped error when used with MultiStar’s cover launcher.

v5.0.2.18 (One UI 5.X)
– Fixed issue where 1px left in the navigation bar at the bottom when transparent hints were applied.
(It will be fixed only when the device software update is performed together.)
– Fixed a problem that crashed with the system UI when used with the Multistar cover launcher.
– Fixed an issue where the gesture mode navigation bar could remain hidden when using DeX.

v5.0.2.15 (One UI 5.X)
– Support One UI 5.0

Samsung NavStar Update Changelog

v4.2.05.31 (One UI 4.1.1)
– Fixed an error that caused a blank space at the bottom of the screen when using the gesture navigation bar.
– Fixed an error where the transparent hint setting could not be used even when the task bar was OFF.

v4.1.3.20 (One UI 4~)
– Fixed some errors that occurred while using DeX.

Samsung NavStar Description

– You can show and hide the navigation bar.

– You can change the color of the navigation bar.

– You can add useful buttons to the navigation bar.

– You can change the icon of the navigation bar to your favorite image.

– If you are using gesture mode, you can change the hint background, handle length, and color.

– English
– Korean
– Chinese

[Required permission]
– Storage (Required)
-The navigation bar images and user settings are saved.

Download the latest Samsung NavStar App APK:

Samsung NavStar latest update


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