Samsung Knox Meeting July 2023 update is now available

Samsung Knox Meeting app is designed to provide the perfect video conferencing service which allows you to communicate and collaborate in real-time anytime, anywhere. It also allows you to manage and schedule Web Conference via phone.

You can also share voice, video, and documents during meetings, and communicate effectively through features such as writing and chatting.

Samsung Knox Meeting Mandatory permissions.
: To use Square Meeting, all of the following items must be allowed.
– Camera: Used for video transmission during conference.
– Microphone: Used for voice transmission during conference.
– Storage: Used for uploading contents for conferences and saving the logs.
– Phone: Used for voice conferencing.

Samsung Knox Meeting Optional permissions
: You can use Square Meeting without allowing access, but the use of related features would be restricted.
– Contacts : Used for adding conference attendees.

Now Samsung has started sending the new app update for its Knox Meeting App. The latest July 2023 App update is rolling out with version

What’s new?

Rapidly changing business environment, Knox Meeting is competitive.

Download the Samsung Knox Meeting App APK here.


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