Samsung releases 2023 Sustainability Report

Samsung has officially released the 2023 edition of its Sustainability Report. The South Korean tech giant listed a sustainability strategy and performance in the areas of People, Planet and Principle.

The New Environmental Strategy specifies the company’s roadmap to achieve net zero at the Device eXperience (DX) Division by 2030 and at the company level including the Device Solutions (DS) Division by 2050, as well as its efforts to contribute to climate action and a circular economy.

In 2022, Samsung completed its transition to renewable energy use in Vietnam, India and Brazil — in line with the company’s goal to fully transition to renewable energy use at DX and all operational sites outside Korea by 2027. The report indicates, 50% of plastic components by 2030 and aims to implement this practice in all plastic components by 2050.

Samsung continues to expand collaboration with various stakeholders. The company joined global initiatives such as RE100, the Asian Clean Energy Coalition (ACEC) and Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE). Samsung also collaborated with Patagonia to launch a filter that reduces microplastics released from washing machines.

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Samsung releases 2023 Sustainability Report

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