Samsung launched The Freestyle EV9 Edition

Samsung Electronics officially launched the “The Freestyle EV9 Edition,” a portable screen. The company launched this new portable screen to celebrate the launch of Kia’s flagship SUV, the EV9.

Experience a unique viewing wherever you go with the Freestyle EV9 Edition. This extraordinary portable screen can be conveniently charged directly from your EV9, providing you with unparalleled flexibility. With its 180-degree rotation, you can enjoy an expansive screen size of up to 100 inches (254 centimeters). Weighing only 830 grams, it ensures effortless portability, enabling you to carry it with ease.

The Freestyle EV9 Edition includes an exclusive case designed specifically for this remarkable screen. Enjoy your preferred movies, shows, or presentations with unmatched convenience and style.

The Freestyle EV9 Edition can be purchased using ‘Kia Members Points ‘ from the Kia Members Car & Life Mall EV9 brand collection and comes with a dedicated case.

The Freestyle EV9 Edition (2)

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