Samsung Tasks (Apps) edge getting June 2023 update

Samsung Tasks (Apps) edge panel brings the most valuable features of your phone tucked to one side, ready to use at a moment’s notice. With the help of the edge panel you can access your favourite contacts, apps, and webpages alongside loads more.

The edge panel can appear over apps you are using and can even be accessed when the display is on standby, making sure you have everything you need as soon as you need it.

How to get started with the edge panel?

  • Swipe up on the home screen, to access your apps
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Display
  • Tap Edge screen
  • Tap Edge panels
  • Tap the switch at the top, to turn edge panels on
  • All of the currently available edge panels will be displayed. Tap on each panel that you would like to use.
  • You can choose a maximum of ten edge panels
  • Once you’ve chosen your edge panels, tap the home button
  • The edge panel handle will appear at the side of the screen. Swipe the handle towards the centre of the screen to open your edge panels
  • Your edge panels will appear. Swipe left or right to swap between your edge panels
  • Tap on the edge panel feature that you want to use
  • If the feature that you’re looking to use doesn’t appear, tap the + icon or edit
  • Tap on the feature that you want to add
  • Once you’re happy with the edge panel, tap the home button
  • The feature you added will now appear in your edge panels

Now, Samsung has started sending a new application version for its Samsung App edge. The latest update will improve the experience of using this app on your device. Below find the download link.

Download the latest Samsung Tasks edge App APK


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