10 Samsung Keyboard Tips for enhanced Typing Experience

Galaxy smartphones feature the Samsung Keyboard app, which also receives regular updates in order to add new features. Thereby, if you use it on your smartphone, then by utilizing some tips you should know that substantially help to type faster. It was also aware you of the useful feature you won’t be aware of.

Let’s check out some of these Samsung Keyboard tips and tricks.

Ways to Access and Modify Samsung Keyboard Preferences

The tips and the pointers that we discussed further enable, disable, or modify present keyboard preferences. These choices are available under the Samsung Keyboard settings.

In order to do this, there’s first need to alter your Android Keyboard to set Samsung Keyboard as the default one. Next, open Settings and go to General Management. Tap on Samsung Keyboard settings, this includes all the Keyboard features and options.

1. Adjust the Keyboard Height

Samsung enables you to alter the size of the keyboard on its smartphones, in the event that you are not comfortable typing with its default height setting, while prefer to have larger or smaller keys.

To achieve this, go to Samsung Keyboard settings and select size and transparency. After this drag the handles on the keyboard in order to increase or decrease its height.

2. Enable the Number Row for Quick and Easy Access

If you need to often use a lot of numbers, you must enable the row key on the Samsung Keyboard. Thereby, it depicts all the numbers in a row on top of the keyboard. this brings you access and helps you to type faster.

3. Dictate Text

At times when you are stuck or need to type long paragraphs, the dictation feature can prove to be quite handy. However, it is good enough with respect to Google’s Voice Typing feature. As it requires clearer pronunciations for better interpretation, while it does get the task done.

In order to dictate text using Samsung Keyboard, it requires opening the keyboard and tapping the microphone icon in the top bar. Now tap on the microphone icon in the middle of the keyboard and initiate dictating the text.

4. Swipe-to-Type to Type Faster

Notably, Swipe to type is one of the multiple ways to type faster on your Android phone. The feature come disabled by default by Samsung.

To enable this on your Galaxy phone, scroll down on the settings page in order to find the Swipe, touch, and feedback options. Moving ahead, tap on it, select Keyboard swipe control, and opt for Swipe to type option.

5. Translate Text With Ease

Samsung brings a built-in translator on its keyboard, which enables you to conveniently translate text between languages. To use this feature, bring up the keyboard on your Galaxy device and tap the More button, this gives you the choice to select Translate and set the language between which you want to translate text.

6. Gestures for Undo and Redo Typing

This requires when you want to undo or redo an action. Samsung Keyboard, enable you to get the Cursor Control feature that allows doing this by simply sliding your fingers across the Keyboard.

7. Turn the Space Bar Into a Cursor Controller

The Cursor Control feature on the Samsung Keyboard comprises interesting applications that allow you to turn the space bar into a virtual touchpad.

While using this, select Swipe, touch, and Feedback from the Samsung Keyboard settings. Tap on Touch and hold the space bar next to select Cursor control.

8. Enable Text Shortcuts for Faster Typing

Text Shortcuts is a nifty feature in the app. Notably, it’s very similar to the text expansion feature on Macs that enable you to type your most frequently used phrases instantly.

The step to set up a shortcut is to first select Text Shortcuts inside the keyboard settings. Click on the plus button in the top right corner. Up next, in the shortcut pop-up box, enter the shortcut phrases.

9. Alternative Characters feature

It requires little much effort to enter symbols and characters. While if you require to do this often, there’s a better alternative available.

It needs you to enable the Alternative Characters feature, this greatly helps to add character to each of the keys. For the same, move to Layout inside the settings, and also toggle on the switch for alternative characters.

10. Set Up Custom Symbols on the Keyboard

Samsung places numerous characters and symbols behind the command and period keys on its keyboard. It can be accessible by pressing either key and selecting a character from the pop-up menu.

To achieve this, step towards the settings and select Customer Symbols. Further, tap on the character you want to replace on the virtual keyboard displayed at the top of the screen. Then tap the character you want to replace it.

Do More With the Samsung Keyboard

Thus by making changes in the settings discussed above, you will be to make the Samsung Keyboard more functional.

Samsung Keyboard Tips
Samsung Keyboard Tips

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