Samsung Biologics, Pfizer disclosed strategic partnership

Samsung Biologics and Pfizer revealed a strategic partnership recently on June 8. This is for the long-term contract manufacturing of multi-products drugs.

Additionally, Samsung Biologics and Pfizer first signed a contract-making agreement for a single product last March. While Samsung Biologics is anticipated to develop Pfizer’s multi-product biosimilar portfolio. It includes tumor, inflammation, and immune therapies. This is with respect to the newly completed fourth plant that emerge as a result of this additional agreement.

John Rim, president of Samsung Biologics, said, “I am pleased to be able to expand our cooperation with Pfizer, which has a vision of providing innovative solutions to patients around the world. This agreement was possible as the fourth factory was completed as scheduled earlier this month.”

Mike McDermott, Pfizer’s global supply chief officer, said, “This partnership is a good example reflecting Pfizer’s confidence in the Korean pharmaceutical industry,” and added, “We are pleased to be able to continuously expand our strategic partnership with Samsung Biologics to provide better treatment options for patients worldwide.”

Oh Dong-wook, CEO of Pfizer Korea, added that their collaboration with Samsung Biologics will acknowledge the expansion in the potential health crises. It also contributes drastically in order to improve the lives of patients.

Samsung Biologics, Pfizer disclosed strategic partnership

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