Android 14 Beta 3’s brings new lockscreen shortcuts that need a long-press

Noticeably, in the third beta release of Android 14, Google released changes to the lock screen on Pixel devices. These tweaks comprise new shortcuts especially. While it will require to have a long press the shortcuts in order to use them from now. The way that iPhone users did it.

To be very specific, the Lockscreen shortcuts on Android phones are not a thing of surprise. Since it got added long back ago but with Android 14 it gives the current iteration of the idea. As it brings with it the ability for users in order to customize what’s shown. With this, there are now selection options for the shortcuts on the left and on the right. This comes along with options like Home controls and Wallet. Also, utilities include a flashlight, mute, do not disturb, camera, and much more.

Although, more interesting than the customization is the way that Google is tweaking how to use these shortcuts. Also, these shortcuts required just a tap in Android 13 and in earlier versions. Now they require a long press, the same accompanied by some truly delightful feedback from the Pixels haptic motors. While it really feels like an iPhone, Apple’s lock screen shortcuts work in the same manner.

Additionally, it doesn’t seem to be the odd changes, as it expanded the use cases of these shortcuts. At the same time, summing up confirmation to a press might prevent accidental touches. Also, the system also did a good job of telling you that you need to long press, on tap which results in a shaking motion. It also displays a message that tells you to “Touch and hold.”

Android 14 Beta 3’s brings new lockscreen shortcuts that need a long-press

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