Android 14 beta 3 faces fingerprint break issue

As lately, Google released the Android 14 latest beta update, there are several things swiping here and there clearly closely. It brings customizable lockscreen clocks, a new charging indicator, and one more regarding the fingerprint sensor. Yeah, an Android 14 latest beta 3 may need you to be prudent as it has broken the fingerprint sensor for some Pixel owners…….!!

The update to Android 14 Beta 3 has left some Pixel devices without being able to use the fingerprint sensors. Even Android also doesn’t seem to recognize it instead sensor not working. Any settings or UI elements tied to the sensor have disappeared, leaving a PIN/password/pattern as the only way to unlock the device. This also applies to apps such as password managers that may use the fingerprint sensor.

The source found that  Pixel 6 Pro is been suffering the change. Also, there are other reports across Reddit, Twitter, and a thread on Google’s Issue Tracker for the issue. It seems to only affect Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6a devices as far as we can tell from the current report. Therefore there are numerous Pixel 6 Pro users are affected. You may consider the update as a problem been there is no cure yet found in this regard, though can try the factory reset or switch to the prior version of Android.

Well, for now, we cannot completely stamp out the news that the whole Pixel siblings are part of the issue. As it is unknown whether other Pixels are affected or not. But there are chances ending of the fingerprint sensor in the Pixel phone, so just let us know if you face something alike.

_Android 14 beta 3 faces fingerprint break issue

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