Samsung My Files June 2023 update rolling out

Samsung My Files folder comes preinstalled on most Galaxy devices. This folder helps you manage and organize any file stored on your device or other locations (for example Samsung Cloud, Google Drive or an SD card). Samsung is now rolling out the June 2023 update to its My Files App and it is available with version

Using My Files, you can view your images, videos, audio files and documents, move files to and from internal and external storage and remove data. To find the My Files folder, search using the app search or in the default Samsung folder on your apps screen.

In this article, we will check the latest App version of the Samsung My Files Applications.

Samsung My Files App Version Changelog:

– When searching the internal storage, you can immediately add or delete Favorites while checking the folder route.
– When compressing files, you can strengthen the security by entering a password. Compressed files with passwords can also be unzipped.
– “Analyze storage” now shows you how much storage is being used by file type on OneDrive/Google Drive.

Download the latest Samsung My Files App APK:

How to use My Files?

My Files sorts your files into categories, such as Images, Videos, Audio and Downloads. If you have recently downloaded a file and are trying to locate it, tap “Downloads” to access or delete the file.

My Files also sorts your files by location. You can view all files that are saved in a particular location, for example on an SD card by tapping the relevant location. From there, you can view, move or delete each file.

If you are looking for images from your camera, you can find these under My Files > Internal storage or SD card > DCIM > Camera.

Search a file using the Search icon.

Samsung My Files Latest Latest APK

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