Android 14 may bring iOS Battery Feature to Android phones

Android 14 was announced earlier this year in the Google developer preview. After some time, Google revealed the first beta version of Android 14, a month before the Google IO 2023. The same has been followed by the Android 14 Beta 2 at Google IO 2023 conference. Now, Mishaal Rahman, who is one of the renowned researchers, has disclosed that Android 14 may probably bring one of the iOS Battery health feature.

Android 14 may serve Battery Health Feature

On Twitter, Mishaal revealed that he found some new BatteryManager APIs that were added by Google with Android 14. Out of these two APIs, two are public while the rest are system APIs. Furthermore, it is also mentioned by Mishaal Rahman that the new system APIs can be called by any app that holds the BATTERY_STATS permission. Although, so far, this is available on Pixel devices that running on the recent Android 14 Beta 2.

In addition to this, one of the developers named Narek has already created an instant proof of concept battery health app. This is by using these new BatteryManager APIs. Talking about the app, then this is open source and is available to download from GitLab. This app is named Batt. While as per the screenshot, it has been coming to light with the new APIs. The app could pull the battery’s health, along with the number of charge cycles, and the charging status. Although, Rahman also specifies that the app just reports what the APIs return. This depends on whether the stats are tracked by the charging IC. And also the Hardware Abstraction Layer supports this feature. While there’s no way to know how accurate these stats are to be.

Moving ahead, we expect Google to be housed in this feature into OS. And enable all users to access it with the Settings app. While it is also possible for other makers apart from Google to pull this data with the help of new APIs. At the same time, it is to be expected that more Android phones from brands such as Samsung, OnePlus, Realme, Xiaomi, and more to bring out this feature for their respective user base.

Android 14 battery health

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