Samsung MENA showcased its SmartThings Home of Entertainment concept in Dubai

Samsung MENA has officially showcased its “SmartThings Home of Entertainment” concept in Dubai, showing how families can enhance their lives through a connected ecosystem.

It integrated the “SmartThings” application across its product categories, creating an end-to-end ecosystem and an unparalleled multi-device experience that empowers users to control and transform their environment.

In a luxury villa in Nikki Beach, Dubai, Samsung collaborated with a number of partners to design a connected home that is safe, personal and sustainable. She demonstrated how the Amazon Ring camera, Phillips Hue smart lighting and the Microsoft Xbox X system seamlessly connect with the Samsung SmartThings app to enhance and enhance users lifestyles.

On this occasion, Omar Sahib, Regional Marketing Manager at Samsung Middle East and North Africa, said : “The smart home of the future is no longer an illusion or a fantasy. In Samsung’s ‘Smart Entertainment Home’, we showed how to put the control of digital lifestyle back in the hands of users. We couldn’t have done it alone, joint efforts with many global partners enabled us to shape this smart experience. We remain committed to bringing more partners and expertise into the ecosystem and reshaping the regional conversations around the connected home.

Samsung MENA showcased its SmartThings (1) Samsung MENA showcased its SmartThings news

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