Samsung addresses blurry S23, S23 Plus cameras, update soon

Earlier this year, countable owners of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus observed an annoying “banana blur” issue, in their devices. Some More specifically, the users found a permanently out-of-focus area in photos taken with the 50MP main camera. This is especially noticeable when taking close-up shots. Addressing Which Samsung put the acknowledgment in a Polish-language community post. It says that adding a software update will resolve the issue.

Without revealing a timeline, Samsung adds that it plans to address this problem in a future software update. At the same company also issued a couple of solutions. So if you are experiencing this on your Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+, there are a few solutions you can try:

  • Try taking a picture from a bit further away; if the subject you are photographing is about 30 cm away, move back a hand’s width
  • Try to take a photo holding the phone vertically; if you hold the phone horizontally or diagonally, the background may appear blurred.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra camera while taking a close-up photo will automatically switch to the wide-angle camera and activate the focus booster to prevent blur. However, if you are using high-res mode, the focus enhancer is not supported, which may make the background of the close-up blurry. Hope your problem will get relief until it finally cures through an ultimate update.

Samsung addresses blurry S23, S23 Plus cameras, fixing it soon

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