5 Tips to Care Your Appliances & Devices this Summer

The days are been wide and dense yellow in summer, but each summer just came to entertain with more new ideas when get integrated with new advancements in technology. The best in and outside-home activities are more entertaining like outdoor BBQs, cooking, and laundry to children home from school playing on gaming consoles, and computers, and watching TV.

In the summer past, Samsung has received double the amount of Care calls compared to the spring and winter seasons. In many instances, our Care calls involve common issues that can be self-diagnosed and resolved at home. As said by the top summer spending trends report, the number of at-home entertaining purchases and home audio purchases increased 3x each, and Smart TVs were one of the top purchases. That means our home appliances and consumer electronics are likely to be used more frequently — requiring more preventative maintenance.

We have taken some of 5 simple Care tips to effortlessly troubleshoot and optimize the performance of your Samsung appliances, TVs, and devices during the summer season. Check them below.

Freshen your Washer After a Beach Day

After spending a whole day at the beach or the lake and have returned home with a pile of dirty towels. Turning the Self-Clean feature on your top load washer, you’ll help keep your washer clean and free from mold. For front-load washer owners, remember to prop your washer door open after each cycle to allow it to dry out.

Keep your Refrigerator’s Water Filter Summer Ready

Keeping up with your household’s elevated summer consumption of water bottles and cups requires changing the water filter more frequently. To remove the filter, simply rotate it a half turn counterclockwise and pull it straight out. Then, insert the new filter and turn it clockwise until it locks into place. Don’t forget to reset the water filter indicator once you’re done.

Maximize your Dishwasher Performance for Summer Entertaining

With summer entertaining in full swing, your dishwasher is likely working at peak capacity. To keep it running efficiently, keep the removable filter clean and run a Self-Clean cycle. You can also combat stains and odors by running a Sanitize cycle with a cup of distilled white vinegar in the bottom rack. And don’t forget, dishes and cups that are loaded incorrectly will prevent them from getting clean.

Samsung Wins Customer Experience Awards

Samsung Electronics America’s Customer Care division recently received two Gold Awards from the 2023 U.S. Customer Experience Awards (US CXA®23) in order to highlight our leadership in Customer Service innovation. Therefore, Samsung was recognized for Best Customer Experience Strategy for Samsung Beyond Boundaries. A program that provides customers in rural areas with access to quality Samsung care for their TVs and home appliances, and also Best Digital Customer Experience for providing service via Spanish language SMS support using AI language translation technology.

5 Tips to Care Your Appliances & Devices this Summer

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