Samsung Display begins ordering 8th generation OLED equipment for IT to domestic players

Reportedly, it has been coming to notice that Samsung Display has initiated ordering 8th generation OLED equipment for IT. This purchase will be made by local equipment makers. At the same time, for the evaporator and exposure machine, the decision is still pending. Notably, Samsung Display is supposed to implement a way, so that they can reduce the order size against Canon Talkie.

Recently, on 30th May 2023, domestic equipment players including Philoptics, FNS Tech, KC Tech, and Himms revealed that they had signed a single sales and supply contract with Samsung Display. In terms of numbers, it would be 63 billion won for Philoptics, 36 billion won for FNS Tech, 35.7 billion won for KC Tech, and 21.8 billion won for Himms respectively.

Task allocated to the respective domestic company’s

In addition to this, the contract with Philoptics along with other equipment for the 8ht generation organic light emitting diode OLED line for IT products. The South Korean tech giant revealed in April that it will be going to invest 4.1 trillion won. While it is assumed that the Philoptics will make the laser cutting equipment. The other company FNS Tech is responsible for wet etching equipment, which this requires for the thin film transistor process. Whereas, HIMS and KC Tech are assigning tensioner and cleaning equipment.

The price negotiation between Japan Canon Talkie and Samsung Display is not finalized yet. It has been said that the exposure machine company has not come to a common node between Canon Talkie and Nikon of Japan respectively.

When Samsung Display starts placing orders for equipment pertaining to the domestic equipment makers. This happens when no final output came on the representative long-term equipment. As a result of this, two explanations arise in the industry.

Revelations about the negotiation 

Since price negotiations between Samsung Display and Canon have not reached the final stage. So industry insider predicts that price acceptable has occurred from both parties. The other rumored perspective is that Samsung Display will exert pressure on Canon Talkie.

An industry insider said, “Since the price gap between the two sides, which had a large gap, has narrowed, it seems that Samsung Display is placing an order for the rest of the equipment that was already prepared.”

Another industry insider said, “Samsung Display has started ordering 8th generation OLED equipment for IT, but Canon Talkie does not yield the price”

Samsung Display

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