Samsung Galaxy Watch: 8 Things that you can do with it on your iPhone

There are a variety of Samsung smartwatches powered by Tizen OS. Although, the result came out after using the Galaxy Watch Active 2 with the iPhone 12 mini. So further in this article, we going to do a complete tour and listed everything that came out as a result. It is intended to save you time and money by not getting the Apple Watch.

1. Get Notifications at Lightning-Fast Speeds

Several users opt for a smartwatch just to stay updated with the notifications. And with a Samsung Galaxy Watch connected to your iPhone. One can access all your notifications instantly with a flick of the wrist.

Additionally, if you want some apps to not send notifications on your Galaxy Watch. Then you can conveniently block them in chunks of seconds. To do this, all you need to do is tap the Block Notification option on your watch.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Watch won’t allow its users to reply to them through the wearable. Thus to reply to a notification instantly, you will have to pull out your phone from your pocket.

2. Track Your Sleep Properly

By wearing the Samsung Galaxy Watch on your wrist, you can track how you sleep. In addition to this, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 enables sleep stage data to users. This facilitates knowing when they were in deep, REM, and light cycles during their sleep.

Alternatively, the smartwatch is also able to send this data to your iPhone. So, if tracking sleep is one of your top criteria, then you won’t regret saving money on an Apple Watch.

3. Stay on Top of Your Workouts

If you like to keep close tabs on your workouts, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 lets you track over 39 different workouts. In addition to this, the wearable can automatically detect workouts like running, cycling, swimming, and walking, just like an Apple Watch.

If you are a fitness freak and want to opt for a smartwatch for the same, then Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the right choice. It enables tracking over 39 distinct workouts. While it detects workouts like running, cycling, swimming, and walking, similar to the Apple Watch.

This wearable also sends all your workout data to the Samsung Health app. It enables you to get to know the intensity of your workouts.

4. Monitor Your Heart Rate

Notably, the Galaxy Watches having Tizen allows Apple users to detect their heart rate. This data can be synced with the Samsung Health app. Parallelly, the watch also enables you to set the frequency of the heart rate data.

It notifies the users when the heart rate reaches a threshold, which defines in the heart rate settings. Thus it is aware of heart rate patterns in a much better way.

Users can also monitor Stress levels on the Galaxy Watch Active 2. As per Samsung, the watch utilize the heart rate sensor along with some other data in order to calculate your stress levels.

5. Talk to People on the Go

Pairing with the iPhone, users can easily answer calls using their Galaxy Watches running Tizen. Although dissimilar to the Apple Watch, here users need to connect to two different Bluetooth radios for the calling feature.

6. Listen to Music With Ease

It comes with the inbuilt storage on your Galaxy Watch to store music, while listening in offline mode. To make our users aware, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 substantially offers 4GB of onboard storage.

Therefore, in case you forget to carry your phone then you still have the option to listen to your favorite songs during your workouts.

7. Customize Your Watch a Heart’s Desire

Different from traditional watches, a smartwatch allows users to customize its looks with multiple watch faces. This implies to Samsung Galaxy Watch as well, as same allows you to customize its watch faces with a simple touch.

At the same time, the Galaxy Watch also allows users to create personalized watch faces. This is achieved by sending the images on their iPhones to the Gallery app.

8. Track Daily Health Goals

The Galaxy Watch allows users to enter their water and food intake into the watch on a daily basis. And the data is then sent to the Samsung Health app. Thereby it enables users to know the amount of calories they consume and burn.

Is a Samsung Galaxy Watch Worth It?

Samsung Galaxy Watch offers a Super AMOLED display. It housed lucrative sleep tracking and health features. Therefore, there’s nothing odd to say that the Samsung Galaxy Watches offer great functionality at a low price. However, running Tizen OS lacks some functionality too.

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