Lock Screen issue fixed by Samsung Update

The breeze of good news hits the Galaxy users who suffered from the lock screen problem. Reportedly it has been came to heard by various Galaxy users that One UI 5.1 operating system creating an issue with the lock screen of Galaxy phones. Since having upgraded, the users reported multiple issues. It includes screen freezing or stuttering in the middle of a task.

Hence, taking all of these concerns into consideration, Samsung responded to the complaints by releasing an update that should fix the lock screen issue. Thus, once the update was installed, the users subsequently reported that the bug was fixed with the new update.

Moving ahead, apart from the screen issue, some of the Galaxy also proclaimed other issues with the One UI 5.1 update. Out of which, some reported slow and interrupted performance. Whereas, some others face major reductions in battery life. However, Samsung hasn’t looked into these issues yet. Consecutively, another update is most likely to be released in order to fix these bugs as well.

One UI 5.1

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