Samsung starts See Beyond Color initiative with local animal shelters

Samsung officially started the “See Beyond Color” initiative in Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. The company also joined local animal shelters and the program is scheduled from April to July 2023.

Animal shelters around the world are full of abandoned pets waiting for their forever home. This heartbreaking state of affairs does have a bright side, however, as pet adoption has recently been on the rise. To raise adoption awareness, Samsung Electronics partnered with experts at animal shelters to fully understand the situation.

“Today, unfortunately, the number of abandoned animals is on the rise, and our dedicated association is tirelessly striving to secure the perfect home for each one of our furry residents,” explained Gloria Malin, founder of S-PAS, an animal rescue association in Croatia.

With canine appearance affecting the likelihood of whether or not a dog is adopted, Samsung developed the “See Beyond Color” campaign to highlight the pets that are in need of forever homes — especially since studies show that a growing number of pet parents around the world are harnessing their smartphones to capture pictures of their furry friends.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is playing a major role as it comes with a powerful 200MP camera lens, the device is supporting the initiative and its goal of spreading adoption awareness by capturing high-resolution images of canine models, down to even the smallest detail in their expressions and appearances.

“As we strive for technological advancement, we also remain steadfast in our commitment to socially responsible business practices,” said Pavle Zobundžija, Head of the Mobile Experience Department, Samsung Electronics Adriatic. “The ‘See Beyond Color’ campaign embodies this ethos as we endeavor to celebrate and capture these magnificent creatures in vivid detail using Samsung’s cutting-edge camera technologies. With this initiative, we are aiming to lend a helping hand to local animal associations and their efforts to secure safe, loving homes for as many abandoned animals as possible.”

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