What a Smart TV can do for you, check here!

A smart TV is something today that connects directly to the internet and incorporates an operating system/platform that lets you access, manage, and view online and network-based media content. Also, a smart television comes with its own app service. But what after that, what more you can do to that? What a Smart TV can do for you. Well, this guide is all prepared for you to answer these questions, so check below..!!

Home Connectivity

The foremost thing would like to elaborate on is some smart TVs that could integrate with other smart home devices. For example fans and vacuum cleaners. This means that you can use your TV to control these devices, adjust the temperature, turn off the lights, and more – all without leaving the comfort of your couch.

In order to view content on a bigger screen is something you will definitely want to experience connecting your smartphone to your TV. Pictures and videos from your phone feel totally different when you see them on a big screen.

Stream from Your Phone

By using a built-in app or casting feature, you can mirror your device’s screen and watch videos, view photos, or play games on the big screen. This is a great way to share content with others or to enjoy your favorite mobile games on a larger display. As maximus smart TV available today allows you to stream content directly from your phone or tablet.

Voice Recognition

Many smart TVs now come equipped with voice control technology. This allows you to use voice commands to search for content, adjust the volume, and even control other smart devices in your home with Bixby. You can activate this feature by holding the microphone button using your remote control. A great Smart TV should automatically detect any device you connect via HDMI and eliminate the need to use several remote controls.

Pay less for an upgraded TV model with savings of up to RM4,500

WOW, free upgrade NOW! Check out the 2023 Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, and QLED TVs Retail Recommended Prices with upgraded model details below:-

Purchase with this price Free Upgrade To
Model Series RRP (RM) Series RRP (RM) Savings (RM)
Neo QLED 8K QA75QN700CKXXM 18,199 QA75QN800CKXXM 22,699 4,500
QA65QN700CKXXM 15,199 QA65QN800CKXXM 17,699 2,500
Neo QLED QA85Q80CAKXXM 15,199 QA85QN85CAKXXM 18,599 3,400
QA75Q80CAKXXM 11,199 QA75QN85CAKXXM 13,599 2,400
QA65Q80CAKXXM 7,199 QA65QN85CAKXXM 9,599 2,400
QA55Q80CAKXXM 5,999 QA55QN85CAKXXM 7,299 1,300
QLED QA85Q60CAKXXM 12,199 QA85Q70CAKXXM 14,199 2,000
QA75Q60CAKXXM 8,499 QA75Q70CAKXXM 10,199 1,700
QA65Q60CAKXXM 5,399 QA65Q70CAKXXM 6,199 800
QA55Q60CAKXXM 4,299 QA55Q70CAKXXM 4,999 700

Early-order Promotion

Customers who purchase Neo QLED 8K QN700C, Neo QLED Q80C, and QLED Q60C will automatically receive an upgrade to Neo QLED 8K QN800C, Neo QLED QN85C, and also QLED Q70C respectively for the former price you pay.

Therefore the benefit of these TV upgrades entitles you to spectacular picture quality and excellent performance in entertainment providing you with a WOW experience.

What a Smart TV can do for you, check here!


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