Samsung forecast that the LPDDR payload rate will substantially increases in the coming future

The utility of Low-Power Double Data Rate (LPDDR) has substantially increased in several other applications also. Apart from being deployed in smartphones and tablets. One of the primary reasons is that power efficiency and bandwidth are maintained across IT devices. The South Korean tech giant, Samsung forecast that the LPDDR payload rate will substantially boost in the segment including data centers and networks in the coming future.

Reportedly, at the forum which was hosted by JEDEC, an International Standardization Organization in the domain of semiconductors. This was under the Electronics Manufacturers Association (EIA). In this, the experts have their valuable words over this memory semiconductor.

At the ‘JEDEC Forum’ held at the Yangjae El Tower in Seoul on the 16th, Samsung Electronics Senior Researcher Oh Ki-seok said, “With the emphasis on power efficiency and bandwidth across IT devices, LPDDR applications are expanding rapidly. In particular, the LPDDR payload rate has increased in the vehicle area, and it is expected that the payload rate will increase in servers in the future.”

In the past few couples of years, the issue of power efficiency across IT devices has evolved. While the payload rate has been constantly increasing in respective areas other than mobile applications. As per Samsung Electronics, the share of LPDDR in automotive DRAM has subsequently increased by 55%. Whereas, the consumer and client share is 25% and 20% respectively.

For those who are aware of LPDDR then it’s a memory semiconductor that is defined by low power, high bandwidth, and comparatively small form factor with respect to DDR. Also, LPDDR5X, lately the same has been produced in bulk, lowers the power by 5-60% as compared to DDR70 and is 30% faster.

“The share of LPDDR for each vertical is increasing rapidly,” Oh explained, “and it is expected that it will enter not only the existing market but also specialize markets such as gaming, workstations, robotics, and AI deep learning in the future.”

In the last few years, LPDDR-PIM semiconductors merged with intelligent semiconductors (PIMs) have also been researched. Apparently, Samsung Electronics has also been said to perform a simulation through GPT2 in order to verify the performance of LPDDR-PIM. And also ensure that the performance of LPDDR-PIM was 4.5 times good than LPDDR, while energy decreased by 70%.

Lastly, Oh emphasized the need to define the LPDDR standard for other applications in JEDEC. “With the emphasis on net zero in data centers, we believe that LPDDR memory can be applied to a variety of applications,” he said.

Samsung 16GB LPDDR5X

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