Samsung faced another document leak on its DS section

In April 2023, we reported that Samsung had allowed its engineers at the semiconductor division to use ChatGPT to help fix problems with source code. The employees mistakenly entered top-secret data like source code for a new program, and internal meeting notes relating to their hardware. Now, the company has once again experienced a new incident of core technology leakage.

As per the latest report from Business Korea, on May 17th, the Samsung Electronics Device Solutions (DS) Division recently dismissed Engineer A on the grounds of allegations of leaking documents containing crucial technology and requested an investigation by the national authorities.

The leaker was caught sending several important documents, including core semiconductor technology, to a personal external email account. Some of the data was then forwarded for secondary storage to another external email account.

The company is very strict in the related cases, to recall, Engineer B was sentenced to one and a half years in prison, with a two-year suspension and a fine of 10 million won (US$7,470).

Engineer C, who was preparing to move to a domestic partner company, was also caught storing thousands of photos of significant technical data displayed on his screen. C was sentenced to imprisonment by the court last month.

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Samsung Leak Data

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