Samsung Electronics comes with Urban Initiative to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

The recent past three years proved as a modulation phase for educators. Since they were teaching students remotely. While they instantly need to learn new teaching ways. Certainly, the levels of stress which educators deal with every day are quite appreciated. Therefore, in order to recognize the incredible advancement made by educators. Samsung Electronics comes with Urban Initiative to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week (May 8-13).

This has been scheduled in Irvine, California, New York, and Chicago. The Urban Initiatives bring educators from nearby metropolitan areas. This brings the opportunities to get together with their peers. Also, learn new practices in classroom instructions from Samsung Education Coaches. Here in this gathering, participants also received a sneak peek of Samsung’s new Android OS-based Interactive Display. This is intended to learn how technology can be utilized in the classroom.

Reflecting on the incredible efforts made by educators of all levels, Samsung is committed to shining a light on the importance of educator wellness and support,” said Dr. Micah Shippee, Director of Education Technology Consulting and Solutions at Samsung Electronics America. “Amid ongoing challenges with learning loss and education inequities, our teachers continue to go above and beyond to create safe and enriching learning environments for their students. As an educator who taught in K-12 classrooms for over 22 years, I am thrilled to lead our Urban Initiatives and create a safe space for teachers to be heard, feel supported and learn from their peers.

California schools aim for critical problem-solving skills

Notably, the first event was held on March 21 in collaboration with the Certification and Career Pathways Readiness Group. This has been conducted at Samsung’s Executive Briefing Center in Irvine, Calif. It aims to discuss tools and strategies, in order to prepare their students for future upcoming challenges.

Angela Allison, Co-Founder of 2CPR Group, worked with Dr. Micah Shippee and Jenny Shull, Senior Key Account Manager of Education for Samsung, to coordinate the event. “Samsung’s commitment to providing industry-leading professional development for CTE teachers is commendable,” Allison said. “Their collaboration with us and the participating districts has created a powerful learning experience for educators, ultimately benefiting their students’ futures.”

New York City educators share new classroom ideas at Samsung 837

Additionally, after the EBC workshops hosted in Irvine, Samsung conducted an impressive event in association with the New York City Department of Education at Samsung’s flagship 837 stores on April 20. Here both educators and administrators are involved in a healthy conversation related to the current realities of classroom teaching

Chicago teachers seeking ways to bridge learning gaps in K-12 Schools

Recently, Samsung invited local Chicago educators, whereby got instructional guidance on various methods. This is intended to adopt new teaching practices and also to integrate display technology that encourages students, increases knowledge, and fosters classroom collaboration. participation respectively.

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