[U: 50MP, Video 2X] Samsung 2X portrait mode is coming back in the next camera update

Update 2 – May 09, 2023: Samsung’s camera in charge officially confirmed that the next Galaxy S23 Ultra update will bring 2x zoom as a 50MP cropping solution. The development has been completed and will be extended to video 2x.

Update 1 – May 06, 2023: Samsung has recently confirmed that in the next software update, it will fix the issues related to the Galaxy S23 HDR. Several Galaxy S23 users reported that there was an issue related to the camera experience in lighting conditions.

Recently, the trusted Twitter tipster @UniverseIce confirmed that Samsung is working on fixing the Galaxy S23 camera HDR issue with the next update. As per the Samsung camera in charge, Improvements are in progress and will be included in the next version.

However, the latest May 2023 security patch update for the Galaxy S23 Series doesn’t include the fixes. So we can confirm that the next or maybe second May 2023 update will bring these changes.

Meanwhile, one more piece of news that is now coming up from the Samsung camera in charge is that 2X portrait mode is also coming back in the next camera update. Also, the Samsung camera team is waiting for your suggestions for new features.

Samsung 2X portrait mode Samsung 2X portrait mode news

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