Samsung users report an objectionable bug in smartphone tracking

Samsung Galaxy user has recently reported that there is a bug related to the “Find my Mobile”.  According to the user from Reddit, “I’m not looking for technical advice, I’ve spoken to Samsung about it before and it’s been less than useless,” writes u/Minimum-Lemon-402, visibly angry, in a well-publicized Reddit thread with more than 1,200 upvotes. “I just wanted to inform and warn other Samsung owners and also just have a discussion.”

I found this “bug” recently.

Not looking for technical advice, I have already spoken to Samsung about this and they’ve been less than useless. Just wanted to let fellow Samsung owners know and warn them, and also just have a discussion.

It may also be an issue with other non Samsung phones that have their own find my mobile feature, for example the generic Google version of find my phone.

Basically, if you lose your phone or it’s stolen, all it takes is one power cycle to completely disabile Find my mobile. Unless the thief also stole your finger and unlocks the phone with your fingerprint – you’re never going to be able to track your phone.

I had my phone on my desk beside me yesterday and Samsung find my mobile couldn’t connect to it after a restart. Even though the phone was connected to wifi.

For those with Samsung (the S20 to S23 line at least), this is how you replicate the issue

  • Restart the phone
  • Do not unlock the phone
  • The phone is now on, and connected to a network (double tap the screen to turn it on and you’ll see the wifi or 4G symbol)
  • Open Samsung find my mobile on your laptop and try and locate the phone / call it / whatever
  • It says “unable to connect to phone”
  • Unlock the phone
  • Now it can locate and connect to the phone

I believe this may be something to do with “secure boot”. Except it’s so secure you can’t even locate your lost / stolen phone and now thief can relax in peace doing thiefy stuff.

Meanwhile, the user has already informed Samsung about it – but they don’t seem to care about the obvious problem.

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Find my Mobile Bug

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