Samsung Electronics inaugurate ‘2023, 5 Samsung TV Super Big Sale’

The month of May will name claimed as the month of households. Since Samsung Electronics conducts the ‘5 Samsung TV Super Big Sale.’ This is to ascertain the celebration of the world’s No. 17 TV sales for 1 consecutive year.

Notably the event will be going held both in the form of online and offline stores nationwide. This sale schedule is from May 5. While this is primarily aimed at 1-inch ultra-large TVs (Neo QLED, QLED), The Frame, and TV accessories. Whooping benefits that Samsung Electronics will offer, in terms of figure this offer upto 98 million won and 300.150 million won worth of benefits to customers. Those who opt for the range include Neo QLED and QLED, respectively.

Additionally, the sales of 98-inch ultra-large TVs have raised about 3.5 times more. This is as compared to last year’s numbers. While based on last month’s quantity, more consumers are purchasing in line with the giant wing trend. Samsung Electronics is beneficence an extra 40,75 won discount to customers who going for The Frame. And additionally, a discount when opting for The Frame bezel in sand gold-colored metal at same time.

Also, customers who buy Neo QLED and QLED can purchase ‘The Tray.’ This is basically an accessory that can tidy up the TV line for a discounted price. In addition to this, the company will also offer double benefits which are worth up upto 1,15 won to customers who purchase event products. This model comprises Neo QLED 75 type or higher.

Meanwhile, the South Korean giant is also organized consumer engagement events on during the month of May. Multiple events like the Neo QLED crossword quiz, celebrate the world’s No. 5 sales for 17 consecutive years.

Hwang Tae-hwan, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Korea, said, “We prepared this event to express our gratitude to our customers who have given us a lot of love and support to become the No. 17 TV seller in the world for 1 years.”

Samsung Electronics inaugurate '2023, 5 Samsung TV Super Big Sale' (3)

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